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Dear Readers,

I have been surprised by all of the emails I am receiving regarding Wookie. It has become evident to me this restoration is a dream shared by many Flicka owners. I am thrilled we can live through this journey together. Below I have shared blurbs from some of the emails I have received to date. Keep writing to flicka20wookie@gmail.com or post your comments directly on the site. I have included the country these emails are originating from.
Kind Regards


TOM D. (United States)

Your Flicka adventure is one that most of us wish for. Being able to take a Flicka back to the factory and get everything looked at and then refitted, repaired, or replaced is the pinnacle of Flicka ownership. Too bad that we all don’t have the time and money to accomplish what you are!  Your website is one of the best I’ve seen, maybe the best!  Thanks! Looking forward to reading and seeing more about s/y WOOKIE

PS. Dear readers, you may be interested to read Tom’s letters about his Flicka Blue Skies and sailing the “Inner San Juan Island Loop” at https://syblueskies.net BLUE SKIES FLICKA 20

PRESTON W. (Sarasota, FL., United States)

Great Job on the Blog and Great Job on Wookie. I can’t believe you shipped her to NC to Pacific Seacraft for a complete restoration!!! You are truly doing her justice and she is one LUCKY boat! I can’t wait to see her all done and photos of you next winter sailing in the Bahamas

STEVE AND ASHLEY L. (St. Petersburg, FL., United States)

What a great website!!! I love clicking around and reading all the posts! So much fun. Glad that we are able to stay in touch with you and follow your journey through this site!

St. Petersburg, Florida

JUDY W. (Florida, United States)

I am enjoying your blog and I want you to know it has been very helpful. We are now riding out the tropical storm giving me a chance to catch up on your blog, like that idea about AC. Our plans are to sail my boat, Prelude, in the Gulf, and weather permitting, head for Cuba. We are avid readers, it’s all very good, best wishes for a happy restoration.

PIET Z. (Knysna, South Africa)

Well written. Send more updates!!!! Excited to see the finished Wookie

Knysna, South Africa

KRISTY B. (Sydney, Australia)

Love this, Chris! Looks amazing!! Can’t wait to see the absolute finished product, incredible improvement!

Sydney, Australia

GUS B. (United Kingdom)

I am very excited about seeing the results of a PSC renovated Flicka. Always fantasized about getting Caraway restored at PSC when she was mine.

PS. Dear readers, you may be interested to read Gus’s letters about his Flicka Caraway at http://flicka20.com/articles-my-first-boat-flicka-caraway. He also has set up and maintains the Flicka website http://flicka20.com/

Caraway with beautiful bowsprit

Caraway with beautiful bowsprit


ROBERT C. (United States)

Hi Chris, I am enjoying your blog. I too went through a Flicka build (Red Rascal) and know how exciting this is. My design is a little different as I looked at the plans and felt the interior was a bit dated (sorry Bruce) and I wanted a dinette arrangement so I could just plop down after a sail, or work on the boat to have a beer or coffee (it can be converted to a settee again or as part of the lower bunk of bunk beds).  My wife said the only thing she wanted was an enclosed head — it just kind of spread from there and I ended up re-designing the entire interior.  The V-berth is 2″ higher than the plans which made the head of the berth as wide as a king-size bed!(of course the foot is only about 8-10″ wide).

PS. Dear readers, you may be interested in Robert’s book. He details the joy and agony of the building process from a set of plans to the launching. There is extensive instruction on interior construction.   If interested please go to http://www.blurb.com/b/5937003-building-a-flicka-from-lines-to-launchRC - Building a Flicka From Lines to Launch

PHILLIPE M. (Nice, France)

MAY 2016 – I read with great emotion the blog of your boat Wookie. It’s cool to see someone who lives his dreams instead of dreaming his life !

OCTOBER 2016 – Chris, your blog is fantastic and it is amazing to appreciate the quality of the job . Everything is done in the prospect of perfection. I love that. I look forward to seeing the first images on the water. Amitiés

Port of Nice

JEFFREY F. (United States)

Great work! Your work to restore her to top condition is an inspiration. Looking forward to seeing more of the process, and getting inspired to take on some of these projects on my Flicka! Jeff s/v Destiny #203


FERDINAND A. (Speyer, Germany)

Hi Chris, Wookie looks really good. Nice job. Hope you are able to cruise the Pacific soon….to get here I suggest you choose the Atlantic and then from Rotterdam up the Rhein river to Speyer, then you are already very close to my home. See you someday, I hope. Take care and all the best.

PS. Dear readers, you may be interested in knowing that Ferdinand fully restored a massive abandoned historical building in the middle of Speyer, in which he now lives. Once a year he plays host to the entire town where he allows its residents to enjoy his gardens and other historical factors of the building. Obviously, this is done with lots of great regional wines and food. I feel honoured that Ferdinand is following Wookie’s progress.

Speyer on River Rhine, Germany

RIAD T. (Sydney, Australia)

I read these with much interest. When are you sailing into Sydney?

Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge

TRAVIS V. (Lusaka, Zambia)

Looks good. The old tub looks like it is coming along nicely. Maybe I can meet you in the Caribbean somewhere for cigars and rum punch…..

Tribal dance - Lusaka, Zambia

BRUCE B. (Florida, United States)

I visited your blog and was very honored to be a “featured subject.” I like the design very much and would like to draw upon your experience when I set mine up. I do hope to see you whenever you are in town. Please keep in touch.

BB Sig

PAT D. (Florida, United States)

Having watched you “do” another boat, there is no doubt in our minds that “Wookie” will soon be pristine! No flaws!

PS. Dear readers, my last boat was a beautiful Cape Dory 270 hull #7 that I named Free Spirit. I worked on her for 6 years and lived on her for a further 4 years. Free Spirit took me safely across the Gulf of Mexico and parts of the Caribbean.

FREE SPIRIT - Harborage Marina

TERRY W. (Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Chris, You sure appear to have been having a lot of fun. What a challenge to take on. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product and hearing how she sails. Best regards.

Melbourne, Australia

ANDREW G. (St. Petersburg, FL., United States)

Hey there! I just came across your blog this morning.  I also have a Flicka20 down here in the St. Pete Marina, s/v Salar #292.   It was great looking through your progress. I’m especially looking forward to what you have planned for the head.

DAVID B. (United States)

Wow, things are really coming along! Love the new bling!


DAVID S. (United Kingdom) 

You are right to cite Shane Acton and his attitude to sailing. I have read and re-read Shrimpy so many times I almost know it by heart. Shane too inspired me to cross the Atlantic from UK to the Caribbean in my Achilles 24 in the mid 80’s. I now have an elderly Westerly 33 in which I crossed the Atlantic and she is now based in Antigua. Before leaving the Canary Islands people could not believe that we did not have a watermaker, AIS, Radar, Ham radio transmitter etc, etc onboard. None of these things are essential to sailing as long as the rig is sound and the sails are in good condition. I do have GPS as well as a handheld backup so am not a complete Luddite. Good luck with Wookie, I’m sure that all your hard work will pay off and give you many sea miles of pleasure.achilles-24-crossed-atlantic-david-shipton

ROB R. (Seattle, United States)

Hello! I met you at the Port Townsend wooden boat festival and your friend gave me your card.  The blog is terrific and I hope to see more updates soon!


PAUL C. (Dublin, Ireland)

Hi Chris, God bless all who sail in her. Regards Paul


TREVOR P. (California, United States)

Hello, I absolutely love your website and have enjoyed browsing its contents. I am currently a Junior in college and have been looking to purchase my own sailboat. After a couple months of searching, none of the boats on the market satisfied my needs or budget. That was until I came across the Flicka. As you well know, the lines on her have pulled me beyond logic and now I am asking not “if” I can afford one, but “how”.  Cheers from another dreamer. Long live Wookie. Trevor.

HELEN Z. (Cape Town / Knysna, South Africa)

Hi, Chris. The restoration is looking good. I am getting excited to see the finished Wookie. Maybe we will see it in Cape Town. Helen.


KURT L. (Washington, North Carolina)

A gift from one of our readers and a Flicka owner. It will be worn with pride.


Chris, dear LORD this thing is looking amazing!!! Best looking Flicka, let alone best looking 20 ft. sailboat I’ve ever seen. The attention to detail is through the roof!


MARK G. (Kemah, Texas – South Texas Yach Services)

It’s looking nautical Chris. Look forward to seeing a finished Wookie soon.



JODY R. (Dover, DE, United States – cruising aboard the charter vessel Cygnus II (http://www.cygnusclassiccharters.com) and contributing to Waterway Guide)

Chris – We saw Wookie yesterday at Pacific Seacraft – she’s a lovely vessel and we’re so glad you’re giving her a new lease on life. Can’t wait to see her completed interior. We were in town to research an article on Washington for the Waterway Guides – have an antique vessel of our own and applaud anyone who keeps these special boats afloat. She’s going to be wonderful.


JIM D. (Will be voyaging along the Rideau Waterways – Canada)

WOW!!  The work you have put into WOOKIE is amazing and slightly intimidating.  I am currently saving the down-payment for a tiny blue-water capable sailboat, the Flicka being one of my considerations.


GUY (United States)

Hi Chris,
I am living vicariously through you as the Wookie project is the embodiment of my own dream to one day salvage and restore to glory one of these classic and cool boats. Many thanks for sharing the details of this most-noble of projects. I can only hope you will continue to share your future adventures with Wookie with the rest of us dreamers. God bless and God speed !


Hi There,
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. The passion and dedication you have for your ventures is a joy to read. All the best for your continued journeys.

JACK M. (Baja, California)
I am John Young’s friend that you showed Wookie to a week ago. I am really impressed with what you have done to one of my favorite boats. I built a sailfish in 1962 and have been sailing ever since on 7 boats for some 25,000 miles from San Francisco to Otawa. After a test run off the Baja coast in a gale we decided we would be green water sailors. I will bring a sailing friend to see the boat if you are still there in August. – Jack

BOB C. (San Juan Islands, USA)
Nice work on the latest Bruce Bingham’s book.  Your whole website/blog is well organized (and a beautiful boat as well!)
Photo of Flicka 20 – s/v Red Rascal


I enjoyed your article in Classic Sailor UK (Aug-Sept 2017 issue), and the follow up visit to your blog. As a kindred 20′ gaffe owner of s/v ‘Charlie’ we share the joys of single handed sailing and pottering. I keep Charlie on the Milford Haven in a little village called Dale for the summer and then up river on the Rudders Boat Yard in winter. I thought you might like to see my entry about Charlie on the Old Gaffers Association boat register http://www.oga.org.uk/boat/charlie.
Fair winds – David.
Photo below of s/v Charlie

The mast gaff and boom are of pine, and the bowsprit is a metal pipe! Originally called a Mayfly Corsaire (Demonstrator no 2) she is now known as an Oystercatcher 20. Built in 1997 as a cutter, at some point the mast was moved forward to convert her to a sloop. A Yanmar engine was fitted in 2003.


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