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I recently had the enormous pleasure to meet a rather crusty but incredibly pleasant old bugger at my marina who we affectionally named Aussie. Trevor Robertson was jointly awarded the 2009 Blue Water Award from the Cruising Club of America, has circumnavigated the globe twice sailing over 200,000 miles, and is the only known solo sailor to overwinter frozen in ice both below the Antarctic Circle on the Antarctic Peninsula and above the Arctic Circle in Greenland.

After a few stiff ones aboard s/v Wookie the old bugger admitted he was actually born in Northern Rhodesia (father South African, mother Aussie) but grew up in Australia. Obviously being a Rhodesian myself I puffed up with pride. Two Rhodesians (Zimbabwe today) from a land-locked country with a love for sailboats drifting alone on an ocean, docked in the same marina. Incredible! It made me feel as if the Rhodesian Navy had finally assembled.

For more info about this remarkable, resolute survivor read the articles at:

https://atomvoyages.com/a…/sailor-interviews/105-iceman.html http://www.sailcoolroute.eu/worlds-celebrated-cruising-sailor-welcomed-west-cork/

There is also a detailed blog with hours of entertaining reading at:


Soon after meeting Trevor he left to continue his adventures.

From: Trevor Robertson  
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2019 15:15:39 -0400
To: Chris Vassiliou  
Subject: Re: Whisky

Thanks Chris for the whisky, most fine, and the hospitality.

From: Chris Vassiliou
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2019 15:27:53
To: Trevor Robertson

Thanks Trev for the chat and for taking the time to visit Wookie. Fair winds ye-olde Rhodie. Don’t forget the whisky, rum and gin.

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