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Galley Rules

For the sailor living on a 20 footer cooking a meal can be a challenge. Space is limited therefore utensils, pots, supplies, condiments etc. need to be carefully considered. However even with such obstacles  I am discovering the joy  of whipping up a meal that is healthy, inexpensive and delicious on Wookie.
I have come to know it is important to respect ones living space and especially eating habits. Therefore I have to adapt to a simpler and in many ways healthier menu on s/v Wookie:
1) Underway my meals have to be simple to prepare, easy to eat with minimal cleanup. I certainly do not want to spill hot food on my torso or more importantly the gelcoat, consequently being practical is important.
2) At dock an attempt has to be made where my meals have a subtle sense of elegance both in preparation and in the way they are served. There is no need to be a boat tramp unless one has a strong desire to be one. I recall a hundred years ago those on safari in the beautiful savannah of Africa, had their meals prepared and served on white tables. A sensible practice I strive to maintain. Hopefully this is not considered snobbish but rather an ageing skipper’s desire to be tough, determined, but above all pleasant with hopefully some level of refined charm.
3) I have no refrigeration therefore my ingredients have to be able to store in a cool dry place, which in reality is my spacious icebox. Occasionally, when I do buy a refrigerated item this is consumed the same day. I do have a small 6-pack drink cooler (or for my Kiwi mates, chillibin) where if required, I can buy some ice and store an item for a day……but why bother! If I want that type of a meal I just eat out. In addition, I drink water, red wine or whisky none of which need to be served cold
As I go about my life and enjoy a certain meal, I will update this post with that recipe. I am certainly no Chef Extraordinaire but hopefully you – my reader – may get to enjoy one or more of these.

Bon Appétit

Pasta-a-la Bolognaise (Perfect Underway)

For months now I continue to cook in my small galley using my one and only trusted coffee pot. As noted in prior posts, the advantages of this pot are the lid remains attached and pouring out the liquid is a breeze because its spout has a strainer. I usually eat straight out of the pot therefore not having to clean many dishes. A practical meal when sailing on Wookie.
By the way chaps – if a lovely lady is along, then just share straight out of the pot and be intimate. To date I have had no complaints.
Healthy Ingredients

Easy Preparation

Just Dig-In Straight out Of The Pot
FOOTNOTE: If one would like to enhance this meal then consider adding a few basil leaves and even grated nutmeg (if one has space for such culinary herbs). This adds a truly exotic aroma to this dish.

Salmon Alla-Two Fat Ladies (Definitely A Meal To Wine & Dine One’s Lovely Lady)

This is one of my favourite dishes; simple to prepare and healthy. It is taken from the recipes as per those glorious Britt chefs – Dickson Wright and her co-star Jennifer Paterson (sadly neither no longer with us) who were the self-proclaimed Two Fat Ladies.
Max Falkowitz of Saveur Magazine best described them as “these motorcycle-cruising, sass-talking, pork-loving, globe-trotting romanticists who starred in a British cooking show from 1996 to 1999″.
Their DVD’s are immersed with their caustic wit, which in my mind exposes their true intelligence. Definitely worth exploring.
Healthy Ingredients

Simple To Prepare

Delicious To Eat

An Alternative To The Salmon Dish Above – Lentils With Vegetarian Sausage And Mushrooms (Lenticchie e salsiccia con funghi)

Another one of my favourite dishes; easy to prepare and healthy. Serve the lentils all mixed up with mushrooms and vegetarian Italian sausage.
The simplicity of this dish is that the lentils, mushrooms and sausage are all boiled in the same water. Therefore a way to conserve water.

Healthy Ingredients

Simple To Prepare

Delicious To Eat Ingredients

Italiano Espresso Aboard s/v Wookie

One of the pleasures in the morning or after a good meal is sitting with a great cup of coffee in the cockpit listening to the sounds around Wookie. For me a great cup of coffee means “bel caffe all’Italiana” (great Italian coffee).

What Is Required
  • Bialetti espresso maker or moka pot (if possible get an Italian Bialetti and not some cheap and nasty Chinese imitation)
  • Cool water
  • Espresso grinds (I find Illy satisfying)
  • Cream & Sugar – Instead of cream and sugar I prefer Nestle’s sweetened condensed milk that comes in a squeeze plastic bottle. Easy to store and not messy and does not really need refrigeration even though it says it does. I store this in a cool place for up to two weeks after opening with no issues.
Thats about it.

How To

  1. First break down the moka pot into it’s 3 parts. Fill the bottom part with water to just below the steamer hole.
  2. Fill the filter with the grinds to the top of the rim (do not pack it in).
  3. Insert the filter with the grinds back into the moka pot (on top of the water).  
  4. Put the moka pot onto the stovetop until it is finished percolating and then take it off the heat.  Do not use high heat or it will splatter all over the place. Be patient (these pots do not take long to heat).
  5. Squeeze the condensed milk into your favourite mug (I like lots) and patiently wait.
  6. Pour the espresso into your cup and stir well.
  7. Enjoy……. you have a beautiful cuppa..

That’s It! My own personal Barista aboard.

Wookie’s Bialetti Pot & Ingredients

Spaghetti Alla-Marinara (Vegetarian)

Not much to say about this dish except its easy to cook, requires only twenty minutes or less and the ingredients can be stored easily.
Healthy Ingredients

Simple To Prepare

Delicious To Eat

Ckicken Liver Wraps

During the extremely hot summer days I look for meals that do not require the stove to be on for more than 15 to 20 minutes. This is because the heat from Wookie’s alcohol stove becomes unbearable. This meal of chicken livers boiled for about 15 minutes and placed in a soft wrap with avocado, tomato, green peppers and onions is definitely quick and easy to make.


Simple To Prepare

Obviously one can add other meats or keep this meal vegetarian. In addition there are times when I add fresh Greek low-fat yoghurt on my wrap with all those other ingredients. Normally any yoghurt left over I will add a dollop of fresh honey (or fruit) to it and consider this my desert (remember I have no refrigeration so perishables are consumed the day they are purchased).

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