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A Visit From The Legend

It was a stunning April day when I suddenly got a call from the Harbour Master at my marina to say I had a guest who was interested in visiting Wookie.

“Any idea who they are?” I asked rather impatiently.

“A Mr. Bingham,” was the calm but amused response. “He would like to walk to your slip and go aboard if that is okay? I could tell him no if you wish.”

My harbour masters sense of humour was in full swing. I am sure he was chuckling as he imagined me gaping like a mullet out of water trying to absorb the fact a Legend was about to visit my little Flicka.

“Of course,” I stuttered. “Please tell him to come aboard.”

From several hundred yards away Bruce was able to pick out the smallest mast in the marina. Within a few minutes he was next to my mighty Wookie. To be honest I felt a massive sense of trepidation when he showed up. It is one thing to tear into a boat and make the changes we wish or even imagine we need. However it is bloody-damn nerve racking when the boats naval architect shows up unannounced to review ones work.

Well Bruce did come aboard and look over Wookie.

Conclusion……. Wookie and I passed with flying colours.  To quote Bruce, “Chris what you have done to this Flicka makes me very proud. One of the best I have ever been aboard.”

I hope you will excuse my childish enthusiasm but at that moment if my ageing torso was capable I most likely would have done a backflip. Like a proud father I glowed with pride.


Bruce Bingham on s/v Wookie – April 2017


I did have coffee with Bruce and as always enjoyed his banter. He is literally a walking encyclopedia when it comes to sailing and boat design. My next thrill will be to take Bruce sailing on Wookie.


Bruce Bingham and Chris Vassiliou enjoying a cup of coffee in St. Petersburg, Florida 


Thanks for the visit Bruce


Below a photo of Wookie content under a full moon in the marina. After all its not often a 34 year old vessel gets to meet “His Maker”.



A Gallery Of Photos From Bruce Bingham’s Second Visit Aboard s/v Wookie


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